About me


My name is Maximilian Pohler and I’m a 26 year old travel & Lifestyle photographer based in Leipzig, Germany. I’ve been passionate about nature, travel and other cultures since my teenager days. Well, having a camera inspired me to search for unique perspectives and angles I had never considered before. Nature became like a huge playground where I found multiple views for my photography.

Storytelling is a key element that I emphasise a lot in both my personal and professional work. The moments in between are what are worth telling. It's about the bigger picture and the journey as a whole.

I am always striving to capture the beauty of nature and immortalize it for myself and others. Since 2020 I’m a member of the first “The North Face Explorer Team”. In the course of this my aim is to show that there are also beautiful places in the nearer surroundings. The adventure usually starts right in front of everyone’s own doorstep.

With a team of like-minded “explorers” I want to motivate people to be open for new things and creative, to network with each other and to make the world more sustainable.