How to install my presets?

How to install my desktop presets:

Step 1: Open Adobe Lightroom Classic
Step 2: Go to the Develop mode
Step 3: Go to Presets on the left side and hit +
Step 4: Go to Import Presets and choose the Preset Pack you bought. 

How to install my mobile presets:

Open the text document in your confirmation e-mail. There you will find a link, which you copy and paste into your web browser.
This link leads you to my iCloud Drive, where you can download the files for the mobile presets.
Put the .DNG files from the .zip file into an new folder in your cloud like Dropbox or iCloud.
Open up the cloud on your phone, choose the .DNG file and hit Export – Open up in Lightroom CC. 
Repeat the steps above to copy and paste your develop presets.

If you need help, send me an email to or just google
“How do I add DNG presets to Lightroom mobile?”
Don’t panic, it is really easy. 
Some of the Presets might not fit every situation, mood or scenery perfectly with one click.
So keep in mind that presets aren’t meant to be a one click solution for all of your photos.
For best results take your pictures in RAW not JPEG.

Make sure to tweak the settings like White Balance, Exposure, Contrast and Saturation in Lightroom to get the perfect results.

Stay creative & keep shooting guys.
All my very best,

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