How to get the perfect look by using my preset packages?

Presets made for everyone:

Let me first say that my preset packages are edited so that anyone can use them.
This means that I didn't create them based on a certain color scheme or season.
Rather, they are the basis for a consistent feed.
So each package contains presets that can fit any mood.
 To get the best results you should always shoot in RAW and play around with Temperature, White Balance and Exposure.
Often you get perfect results by adjusting these sliders after applying the preset.

My advice:

My advice for the all packages: Turn the “white” and “light” sliders in your basic settings in Lightroom to the negative to achieve a look similar to mine.
I usually overexpose when I'm taking pictures.
A contrast of +80 has also proved successful. 

Then play a little with the "blacks" and "depths" and you have the perfect balance of settings.
If your white balance is not right, you can go to the "color temperature" slider with the mouse and double-tap it.
Then the temperature will be adjusted ideally.


 Stay creative & keep shooting guys.
All my very best,


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